Super Raccoon World

An interesting children’s game 3 5 years old offers you to solve exciting puzzles related to determining the heaviest or, conversely, the lightest object from those offered in the conditions. Immediately after launch, the scales will appear on the screen, on the cups of which the things being compared are located. At the top of the screen, a task is displayed that needs to be completed by pointing the cursor at the correct item. The scales are in an equal position, so it is proposed to determine the mass of objects using logic. For example, it is immediately clear that a hammer is heavier than a salt shaker, and a feather is lighter than an alarm clock. Choose the answer that seems right to you, and if you guess right, you will get access to the next task. If you suddenly make a mistake, nothing terrible will happen, but it will immediately become clear that you need to choose another option. During the free game for children 3 5 years old, you will find a huge number of tasks!