Rangers game

The exciting game Rangers will tell you about the struggle of teenagers with magical powers against the most dangerous villains who are trying to destroy our planet. And only with your help will the young warriors be able to destroy the sinister plans of the enemies, having gone through incredibly difficult trials. The key to success is the unification of efforts and teamwork. But even alone, each such warrior poses a considerable threat. The villains change one after another, and the samurai rangers remain on the screen, training endlessly. But during the game, only one hero will take part in the current campaign, challenging a terrible demon. If you want to win the battle, take your rangers seriously. Each of them uses a certain type of weapon, which means that the passage of the mission and the fighting style itself will be radically different from all the others. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the place where the powerful samurai rangers will start the battle. But, most likely, it will be a long labyrinth where you need to destroy the boss, having previously destroyed all his servants who risked interfering with you.