Public Service Puzzle

Do you want to pass the time near the computer together with a friend? Then, perhaps, the variant of the game For two cars will suit you. Football is to be played. Two cars, two goals and one ball. Everything is extremely simple. The screen is divided into two halves horizontally. Control is possible both from the keyboard and from joysticks, which is not often found in such entertainment. In the case of a game with a keyboard for two, the cars will be controlled by different keys. To Crazy Games a goal against an opponent, you will have to arrange natural races on cars and show the highest class of driving them. After all, you need to not only drive, but also bring the ball to the goal. By the way, in the process of playing on machines, a larger number of players can also take part, connecting in turn on the principle of “take-off”, when the loser gives way to the next one.