Pony game to collect the elements of harmony

According to the plot of the Pony game to collect the elements of harmony, the sorceress Gloomy Sparkle read, in the presence of her girlfriends, an ancient spell that broke the precious stones of the fragile world harmony. Now the little sorceress has to find all the pieces and restore the stones. The game Friendship is a miracle elements of harmony invites you to help her in her search. On your journey you will visit five locations, in each of which you will need to demonstrate dexterity and good reaction. On each level, pony friends will help you in your search. Overcome all the obstacles and connect the disparate pieces of the elements of harmony as quickly as possible, because without them the kingdom of fairy-tale ponies turned out to be deprived of any protection. Once the issue is resolved, Twilight Sparkle will apologize to her friends and promise to never test unknown spells in their presence again.