Need for speed 2014 game

Need for Speed ​​2014 is one of the racing variants of the famous car series. Gorgeous 3D graphics will make you feel like driving a real car and feel the drive of the competition. You have to compete with thousands of real players, which will be your friends or randomly selected racers. Racing in Need for Speed ​​2014 takes place in an amazing virtual world that is constantly changing. The variety of tracks and tasks Need For Speed ​​is simply amazing. There are more than 70 cars to choose from in the game, with the possibility of tuning them, buying and improving spare parts, detailed car settings. Up to 8 people can participate in NFS 2014 at the same time. There are also one-on-one competitions. There are races with the departure of the police (you can be in the place of the police). In addition, the Nedforspeed 2014 game impresses with a variety of possible races: ring, drift, sprint, checkpoints, elimination, trial, etc. Opponents are selected depending on the game rating, the level of training of the player and the class of the car.