Little Dino Adventure

The Dino game will be very popular with small users because of the main character. After all, this is the same dinosaur from a box of children’s lactic acid dessert. Management, however, can cause difficulty for kids. First, it is carried out using the keyboard. Secondly, it is quite difficult to deal with opponents. By the way, the character in the story went on a campaign. He has to jump over the abyss and deal with enemies. There is a limited number of darts for this. But even without them, you can neutralize the threat by jumping on top of it. A mistake can cost the player dearly - they will have to start the level all over again. By the way, there are ten interesting stages to go through. Taking the character from Rastishka’s packaging as the main character, Dino’s game doomed itself to success with kids. And with complicated controls, it also attracted an adult audience, which will help the children in passing.