Lego Superheroes game

While playing Lego superheroes Peter Quill and his team of Guardians of the Galaxy go in search of a sphere that can destroy entire planets. Peter invites you to join his friends in this dangerous adventure. Choose one of the Marvel heroes and go to the labyrinths of the dungeons of the abandoned planet Mogar. The passage of this exciting toy from Lego will require you to have a good reaction and attentiveness. Try to avoid the traps set by an ancient and long-extinct alien race and destroy the henchmen of Roran, a fanatic who dreams of taking over the galaxy. Thanks to your help, the Guardians of the Galaxy will surely capture the dangerous artifact and hand it over to the Nova Corps for safekeeping. The entire Guardian team will be hailed as the superheroes of the Lego Galaxy, and Peter will be sure to invite you to join them on their next adventure.