Kogama War

In this game of the Roblox series, survival is the main task. It is not easy to fulfill it, as the opponents are brave and insidious. But you will also have allies. In general, four teams take part in the gaming meat grinder at once. The location is not too big, it is an island. But it has enough open spaces and shelters. Weapons are scattered almost everywhere. This is a typical Roblox arsenal. Many users appreciated the novelty - a cannon that can throw blocks to build barricades, and shoot nails, causing damage to enemies. In skillful hands, she turns the character into a combat robot from the construction battalion. But often fighters win, armed with an ordinary sword. In addition to weapons, there is a warehouse of first-aid kits on the territory of the island, which is regularly updated. If desired, you can change the team after the death of your character.