Kogama Phoenix vs God

The game “Roblox Titanic” is designed for fans of hot battles with real opponents online. The action takes place at a training ground bearing the same name as the sunken ship. Before starting, the user needs to decide which team to fight for. The final victory will be won by the one who kills a certain number of opponents. The arsenal of weapons is the same as in other projects of the Roblox series: from a sword to a plasma gun. Added a cannon that throws blocks. They do no damage, but they can stop enemy projectiles on the fly. In addition, blocks can be used to build a shelter anywhere in the location, which greatly facilitates survival on the Titanic. Robots can be found on the battlefields. They do not take part in the game and serve as decorations. It is convenient to play Roblox: Titanic hiding behind them from shelling.