Kogama Bendy And The Ink Machine

Roblox: Slender Escape is a pretty creepy game. Not only does the action take place in an ominous labyrinth stuffed with traps, but also all users are divided into two teams. The victory goes not to the team that leaves the corridors of the Slender Castle, but to the one who first commits the required number of kills of opponents. Of the weapons, only swords are immediately available, but you can also find radioactive blocks that will turn your character into a walking bomb. On his way now and then robots will appear, carrying with them various troubles. For example, a jet of acid or an electric discharge. Sometimes a Slenderman appears out of nowhere. Meeting him is certain death. The atmosphere is complemented by frightening sounds and specific music. Without a doubt, Escape from Slender is one of the best games in the Roblox series, but to appreciate it, you need a good internet speed.