Ice Queen Sauna Flirting

The game My Kingdom for the princess will tell you a story about the king’s daughter and her uncle, to whom the heroine came to visit. They were sitting quietly at the table, when suddenly a terrible hurricane arose. He woke up the dragon, which sleeps and sees how to feast on people. To all the misfortunes, lightning hit the father of the heroine, and now she urgently needs to get home. And only you can help her with this. The game consists of a large number of levels, and on each of them it is proposed to complete a certain task in order to go further. For example, the first stage is dedicated to the removal of rubble on the road of that half of the kingdom, through which the princess will go home. Do not forget that you will need resources, and for that you will have to build suitable buildings. If interested, you can pay attention to similar games.