Gobble Snake

The Maze game for kids invites you to have a great time in the company of Dasha the Traveler. This time you need to help her go through the corridors of the intricate labyrinth in order to find a way out of it. You only need a mouse to control it: you need to grab Dasha’s figure with the cursor and drag it to the finish line. In this case, you can not run into the walls of the corridors, so you will lose one game life. In total, you have three lives left, and if they run out, then the children’s game will end. But if you pass the path successfully, a new level will open with an even more complex labyrinth that has received branches. The main thing is not to get confused and follow the right path, then you will quickly get to the exit mark and move on to the next stage. This funny entertainment with famous characters will definitely please you and bring a lot of positive impressions.