Game Madagascar 3

The game Madagascar 3 introduces you to one of the characters of the popular cartoon. Granny goes racing across Europe and invites you to join her. Grandma does not like wild animals, and especially Alex and his friends, so she tries to hit them with her huge bag. Are you ready to help her? But keep in mind, the passage of the game Madagascar 3 will require excellent reaction and dexterity from you. It is necessary to hit the good-natured animals with granny’s bag as many times as possible. For each hit you will receive points, to win the game you need to Crazy Games their maximum number. Be careful, because if you miss three times, the game will be over and you will have to start it from the beginning. So do not yawn and try to cheer up the elderly lover of fights, time after time, dropping a heavy bag on the head of these nasty animals. You can play Madagascar 3 both on your own and with your friends, competing with each other in hit accuracy and the number of bonus points Crazy Gamesd.