Game For two Fighting Naruto

Fans of the characters of the well-known animated series in certain circles will rejoice, because this product was created specifically for them. Moreover, you can have fun with like-minded friends, because the Naruto fight game mode for two is available. True, fights, as such, will not be here. But interest, nevertheless, is guaranteed. Firstly, in addition to the number of players, you can choose the number of opponents. Secondly, you can deal with them in a very original way - by blowing up. Initially, all the characters in the Naruto game find themselves in a labyrinth of barrels and stumps. During the explosions, the barrels are destroyed and a passage opens. But the most important thing is that different bonuses often remain in place of the obstacle. The main goal, as you understand, is to kill opponents by laying mines. Well, if you need games about Naruto for 2 fights, then it’s better to look for something else.