Forest Hunter

To play Deer Hunting, you do not need to know the habits of these animals, the ability to silently sneak up, shoot well, know the killer places on the body of the beast, the bullet hitting which reliably hits the target, and so on. All you need is a working mouse and some free time. Deer hunting here resembles a shooting range, in which the targets move along arbitrary trajectories. Shooting is carried out from the first person from a carbine with an optical sight (the weapon is visible on the screen). The ammo doesn’t run out. All you have to do is aim at the deer and pull the trigger. You can shoot not only through the sight, but also without using it. This is an example of a relatively simple game for boys that can go on almost indefinitely. There is a mode for only one gamer, but you can play Deer Hunting with comrades, shooting in turn.