Flower Slide Mahjong

The Butterfly Mahjong game is one of the variants of the popular puzzle game, which is laid out on the table not in the form of a pyramid, but in one plane. The rules, however, do not change in this case - only tiles located at the edges work. They depict halves of beautiful butterflies, and if you find paired fragments, they will connect, and the whole butterfly will fly away. The faster you find the same images, the more butterflies flutter over the game field at the same time - this, by the way, is a great sight that can be expanded to full screen. The only inconvenience is that the flying beauties cover with their wings the images they fly over. And although Mahjong is completely free to play, and the rules look simple, it will not be so easy to sort out all the details in pairs. If you start to combine wings around the perimeter of the field, you will deprive yourself of the ability to maneuver in the center. Be extremely attentive and focused, as Mahjong has a time limit that ends very quickly.