Easter Hunt

If you want a quiet entertainment and at the same time exercise logic and attention, then the game Mahjong Connect Pairs is quite suitable for these purposes. And don’t let the second part of the title fool you. You will have to connect not lovers, but the same, that is, paired chips. They can be in the same row next to each other or at a distance. Unlike the classic Mahjong, here it is not necessary that the chips have two sides open. Do not stay too long, as the time for passing is limited. And if you suddenly experience difficulties, then the hint button (at the bottom of the screen in the form of a magnifying glass) will help you. It is especially pleasant that the passage of the game Mahjong connect pairs online for free. The participation of only one player is provided, but you can, competing in the set of points and the speed of passage, in Mahjong connect pairs to play with friends in turn.