Car shooter game

If you want to feel like a destroyer and smash half the city, it’s hard to find something better than Car Shooting games. The bottom line is that you have to travel around the city with heavy traffic in a cool car and complete tasks to destroy objects. Actually, you can blow up whatever you want, but the mission will only be completed when you gouge what is required. For weapons, you have rocket launchers. In addition to shooting on cars, it is also recommended to collect cash chips, as well as various useful bonuses. For example, repair chips. Between levels you can upgrade your car and make useful purchases. For example, buy a more powerful shooter for a car, a magnet and other useful things. You can get to the store during the mission by driving into the blue glowing zone. Also, do not forget that your car can be fired upon by police turrets. It is better to leave them as soon as possible.